Katie & Simon gorgeous winter wedding on the stunning Sussex countryside – Ghyll Manor wedding photography

K&S_0175There is something so special about winter weddings, the light, the rich colours and the cold air that encourages all the guests to stay snuggled inside listening to music and drinking mulled wine. Katie and Simon had chosen Ghyll Manor Hotel & Restaurant to be the setting for their stunning winter wedding.

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Sussex countryside, an elegant 17th-century country house hotel brimming over with character and style, the traditional oak-beamed building gazes out over 40 acres of gorgeous private gardens, including a lake and the pretty summerhouse. The ceremony was hold on the full of charm The Terrace room with view to beautifully landscaped  grounds followed by reception at  idyllic Hunsdon Hall.

What a fantastic day this was, filled with so much love and laughter. Thank you to Katie & Simon for asking me to photograph your amazing Ghyll Manor wedding and to be your Sussex wedding photographer. I had so much fun and I wish you both all the very best for the future!

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